Monday, June 23, 2014

A parody of Ludwig Bemelman's Madeline-"Mollyline"

For Fathers Day, I made a parody of Ludwig Bemelman's 'Madeline' and changed it to "Mollyine" as my Father is an Madeline Otaku and so I made a painting using Molly in it.

another rendition of Van Gogh's Bat, on wood.

I did another rendition of Van Gogh's bat on wood.
It might be my last oil painting, because I am uncomfortable with oils. I hate the toxicity and the danger of oils and would rather work with acrylics, which are non-toxic.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

more of the French Thrift Store style of David and Molly (Christmas 2013)

These are more of the "French Thrift Store style paintings" of David and Molly. A different batch than the scanned ones posted previously in this blog.

Duct Tape Art. Done in Fall of 2013

I play a LARP and Id like everything I make to be art, including my Melee weapons and armor. That is why this shield has duct tape art on it, of a 3-headed dragon done in a cute chibi-style. Ive seen Duct tape paintings at the Hollywood Ripley's Believe it or Not museum.

took 10 hours to do.. lol. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Graphic Design for Tokyo In Tulsa's Contest.

Tokyo in Tulsa had a contest of anime and the theme was "Mecha vs the Undead" and well, I decided not to use Zombies because they are over-used and obvious, and so I used an undead dragon which is cooler. They didn't choose my art but mine is better than the shitty one that has zombies in it. Mine is better. Done in the November of 2013.

Another "French Store Painting" of Me and Molly I did for Christmas

This is done as gift for my parents.

Christmas Cards I did.

In the "French Thrift Store painting" style of GIG
I did some of Me and Molly. For relatives for Christmas.

Reproduction of Van Gogh's "Bedroom at Arles".

My Grandfather wanted a painting of Van Gogh's "Bedroom at Arles". There is Van Gogh's third one that hangs in Detroit, where my Grandfather lives. So I painted him a faithful reproduction, using the same colors/mediums that Van Gogh uses. Not a perfect reproduction, but more like Van Gogh making a 4th one, like the 3rd one, which would be better. Because of Van Gogh's style, it would be almost impossible to reproduce without using the trade of the artist conman, which I am not well-versed in.
This painting was done in the fall of 2013.